Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thinking and Feeling

I've come to this rather obvious conclusion about life: it is a balancing act.

First, there are Feelings/Emotions - those wonderful, baffling things that we crave, and yet love to hate. Life wouldn't be life, and people wouldn't be people, without feelings. But, too often, feelings reveal themselves in some crazy human desire to create drama for ourselves or to exaggerate small problems into impossible dilemmas.

Therefore, life also needs Logic. The ability to analyze emotions impartially, and decide what ACTIONS will be the most effective to relieve anxiety or frustration or whatever other overpowering feeling we might be experiencing.

I need both. More importantly, though, I need to keep them separate. It's easy to get sucked into living with just one or the other, but neither half is very satisfying on its own.

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