Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hug a Stranger Day!

The first random hug-from-a-stranger came from a woman who struck up a conversation with me at a coffee shop. A conversation which began with, "My dog really likes you." (What, by the way, is the appropriate response to this? "Thanks, I've been working on my dog summoning skills?") Then she tells me she thinks her neighbor has been breaking into her third floor condo by climbing across the banister between their balconies and stealing her, er hem, marijuana. So, understandably, she was upset. There were tears. And, somehow, we were hugging.

Random hug-from-a-stranger #2 was much more entertaining. I'd gone home to get work done, as working in coffee shops hadn't worked out so well that morning. After a few hours I decided I needed a 5 minute break. I was walking up the sidewalk, literally 30 seconds out of the house, and a bus stops at a bus stop in front of me. An Indian man gets off the bus, beaming, and walks toward me like he knows me, and positively shouts, "I'm from Bombei! What's your name?" Told him. Learned his. He pulls me into a hug and says, "We will be great great friends! My first friend from Canada..." I still have his email address. Might drop him a line just for fun...

Have you hugged a stranger today? It's provided me with a fun "you'll never guess what I did today/yesterday/two-days ago" story all week! And I'm fairly certain my friends are sick of hearing about it, which is why I choose to share it now with my invisible (non-existent thus far) internet blogg-stalker friends!

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  1. I am both invisible and a stalker... In reference to Clay Aiken, let's just say I am a fly upon your wall.