Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ki (Hap KI do) is the idea of moving past an obstacle - at least, that's my interpretation.
In martial arts, you can't punch a brick. You punch through the brick.
If you aim through your obstacles, they move out of the way. The trick is to aim your focus at where you want to go - not at the objects you think have a strong possibility of stopping you.
If you have a fear of public speaking, imagine the future on the other side of that event;
If the world is dark and depressing, look past the moment and into next summer.
Depression is commonly described as "not being able to get out of the moment or see the future". So, I figure, training myself to look forward is not such a bad idea. If it becomes a habit, sticky situations are easier to deal with.

In horseback riding there are a lot of factors outside your control. You're tired or sick; your horse is tired or sick; the turns are too tight, the jumps not spaced right; your horse is being difficult - "He never listens to me, that's why I blew the turn!"
One of my friends would reply, "Whose fault is it that he never listens to you? If you want things different, make them different. You're the trainer, not the victim."

My textbooks are glaring at me, but the other side of my final exams is just around the corner! OK I'll stop procrastinating. Time to study!