Saturday, February 27, 2010


Science suggests that we can only see 10% of all the matter in our Universe. Matter is all the "stuff" that makes up our world, which includes liquids, gases and solids - The Universe contains 90% more "stuff" than we've discovered (called Dark Matter).

Reality is bigger than we can imagine. Even when we're trying to open our minds and look at the big picture I'm sure we're only seeing a fraction of what's out there and of what's possible.

Maybe animals really can talk. Maybe things like telepathy, intuition, psychics and hypnosis really do exist. Maybe God is sitting right next to me. Maybe there are such things as ghosts or alternate universes or magic. Maybe there used to be dragons in the time of the dinosaurs.

Maybe not. There's no proof for any of those things. But we're never going to discover the things we're missing if we dismiss ideas too quickly and limit ourselves to the status quo of common perceptions.

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