Monday, February 8, 2010

"Whatever happens, make it your decision"

Life sucks, if you let it. But there are always two aspects to life - the sucky stuff and the fantastic stuff. Sometimes I need to hunt to find the fantastic stuff (whilst being bombarded by sucky stuff) but my mind-set is my decision, and I've made the decision to pull myself up and keep hunting. Even though:
My boyfriend just left the country
I don't know how to accomplish my dreams
I'm still learning to balance my time and energy

The flipside:
I have time to write today
All I need is patience and time and everything will work out
It's sunny! And I'm going to eat some vegetables =)

When I'm riding a tricky horse, lots of times things happen that are outside my control. The horse decides to gallop when I'd been planning on an easy trot; or stops dead; or decides to veer left instead of right around that pole. The best advice I heard was:

"Whatever happens, make it your decision."

Roll with it; reassess the situation; be willing to adapt and, most of all, keep moving forward.

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  1. "I hate the homeless...
    ...ness problem."

    I'm glad to hear it Monkey.