Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Essentials

BE LOUD in the morning (talk to someone, dance to music, go for a run)
Sleep is kind of like maple syrup. It spills over so easily, but if you have too much you feel really gross.

BE QUIET when things get too fast (write, nap, walk, stretch)
If the world is spinning, you're supposed to give it time to settle before you jump on another ride. Unless you want to lose everything you had that morning... ;)

LEARN from everything, even yourself
Apparently I need to write to stay sane - in other words, I've discovered a cure for insanity!

TEACH someone, even if it's only by example
Ex. Accepting an insult with humor/grace. Makes your life easier, and their life exceedingly frustrating.

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT BOX, so you can think outside it
Apparently pickles and peanut butter go well together, but I still haven't tried that one...

A friend or family member is good. If all else fails, remember that toasters are brilliant inventions. And not just for toast...


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